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If you’ve worked in the impact sector, you know that its made up of incredibly passionate people, but that a lot of priorities compete for resources. So much so, that the important training, and professional development opportunities so common in the private sector are limited to non-existent.

So we try to do it ourselves, but with limited success.

We know the hardest part about investing in your professional development is following through and actually doing it. But we also know, that when done right, investing in your learning can increase your impact far more than almost any other investment.

That’s why we’ve designed a framework to help people get over the most common hurdles to actually doing professional development. We’ve called it a learning sprint - it’s a commitment that you make to invest 1 hour a day, learning 1 skill, applied to 1 critical project. It’s a sprint because you do all of this over a 2 week period.

By the end of this course you’ll know how to use that daily 1 hour investment in the most leveraged way possible. You’ll be able to take that big thorny problem that's holding you back and reframe it as a skill gap that you can tackle. You’ll set up learning interviews with brilliant people, and steer those interviews so that you can get the most out of them. You’ll create a kick ass resource list, and apply everything you’ve learned to a project that’s already on your to do list to.

We’re giving you worksheets, email templates, and sample scripts to cut down on your planning time. And best of all, you’ll be jumping into a community of others so you won’t feel like you are sprinting alone.

To learning together,

Jesse & Jess