About School for Change

"Welcome! My name's Jesse Sleamaker. I started School for Change to help changemakers acquire the skills to build a better world.

After spending my first years after college working in the non-profit and social sector I realized there was a problem: My colleagues and I were always being asked to perform tasks we'd never done before. We had to do several jobs at the same time, always with few resources. It was hard to find mentorship or help. Even going to grad school didn't help me learn the everyday skills that are crucial to successful social change organizations.

The goal of School for Change is to provide access to the tools you need right now, in your work, so that you can get on with the business of building a better world."

Who are our courses for?

School for Change is for changemakers who know that investing in themselves is investing in impact. It's for social entrepreneurs, activists, non-profit professionals, founders, employees, big organizations, and small. What unites you is your passion for social change.

Course Offerings

Raising Creative Capital

Social Entrepreneurship: A Crash Course

Building Corporate Partnerships

DIY Professional Development

Blended Value Business Planning

Building Powerful Relationships

Impact Measurement & Reporting

Fundraising 101

Pitching 101


We're proud of these friends and partners:

Unreasonable InstituteImpact Hub Bay AreaAshoka U

StartingBlocInternational Youth Foundation