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Business Planning for Social Enterprise

Learn how to build a business plan that addresses our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

About this Course

Blended value companies are different from traditional for-profits, and distinct from typical businesses. In this course, experienced social enterprise consultant Evan Steiner unveils a step-by-step planning process for businesses and social enterprises whose revenue streams are directly tied to their positive impact. Using the Business Model Canvas as a helpful tool, we will analyze traditional business components from a blended value perspective. The class explores the special challenges and opportunities of these business structures, including raising capital, blending philanthropic and for-profit incentives, and working in frontier markets.

Course Details

Video Lessons: 24

Total Video Length: 45 minutes

Estimated Activity Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Total Course Length: 2 hours 15 minutes


Evan Steiner
Evan Steiner

Evan​ ​works​ ​on projects related to holistic economics, social finance, and business for good. His experience is in taking burgeoning ideas and developing them into successful projects or companies. Previously, he spent three years as the Programming Director at Impact HUB San Francisco and as a​ Senior​ Associate at The Social Capital Markets (SOCAP). During his time there he created programming, events, and accelerator programs that provided support for seed-stage social entrepreneurs and impact investors. He writes at the Whole Person Economy, a site looking at the changing landscape of business and economics, exploring how these topics are informed by personal values and connection to a higher purpose. Evan holds a bachelors in music from Indiana University​,​ a Masters in Environmental Management from UMUC , and will be starting his MBA in the fall. 

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