DIY Professional Development

Design the world-changing training you never got

About this Course

Tired of learning on the fly? So were we.

Jesse Sleamaker and Jessica Lax, founders of School for Change, present a framework for DIY professional development called a learning sprint - a custom challenge focused on mastering one skill, applied to one critical project.

In this course, you will reframe what's holding you back as a skill gap that you can tackle. It's a sprint because it's short - everything is designed to get you to where you need to go in just a few short weeks.

Course Details

Video Lessons: 7 animated shorts

Total Video Length: 35 minutes

Estimated Activity Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Total Course Length: 2 hours


Jesse Sleamaker
Jesse Sleamaker

Jesse is the founder of School for Change. His work focuses on using community building, business, design, and technology to help people learn skills to drive social and environmental change across sectors. Jesse is an experienced student experience designer and product manger for online and blended learning experiences. Before founding SFC, Jesse directed education initiatives at Impact Hub Bay Area, a community of entrepreneurs, activists, and artists. He is involved in leading initiatives for self-directed learning through the Bay Area Open Masters' program. . His experience includes student advocacy, fisheries conservation at the Pew Charitable Trusts, and sustainability strategy for the National Park Service. Jesse has a B.A. from Northwestern University and a Masters in Environment and International Development from Cambridge University.

“I came to School For Change wanting to find a way to support Flash Seminars growing community while maintaining our global brand. SFC's course taught me a ton about how to focus and address that learning need. The learning sprint I did not only helped me address what I wanted to know, but sparked an ongoing line of inquiry for me into community building. It also forced me to expand my network in this field, which I've continued to benefit from. Looking back, my learning sprint was an incredibly powerful and insightful experience. It allowed me to make real strides towards increasing the impact of my work.”

- Amy Curtis, Founding Director of Flash Seminars

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